The sunrise surprised me this morning

I kind of thought it would look awful out to match all the hangovers I assumed were happening in the skyline, but the water was glistening orange and pink and the windows of the buildings twinkled

I had a meeting with my supervisor and…

This February you sat next to me as we watched SNL in our childhood home

I asked you if you listened to Phoebe Bridgers

(She’d performed the week before)

You told me you don’t listen to her much, but your coworker would play her music in the kitchen at work

Writing every day isn’t even necessarily what I wanted to accomplish. And it also doesn’t signify the completion of my goals; it’s the starting point. Does this count?

She awoke to blurry orange, with pages flipped upward underneath — a pet peeve. Her blank screen shone after a few minutes of connection and informed her it was 2:23am.

Minutes of dream and hours of globular rotation later, she reluctantly shook hands with Monday Morning.

The dishes from last…

Jackie Hubbard

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